Wire and Cable Grips

Models W-5, W-6, C-6, CX


Griffin offers a variety of wire and cable testing fixtures as standard products and will produce fixtures for special applications. Our CX - 360 fixtures are inserts that are adapted to any size machine and are often requested for multiple strand cable applications. Our pneumatic collet holders are also available for many other wire and cable requirements.

W- 5 Wire Grips W - 6 Wire Grips
The Model W - 5 was developed to rest fine wire ranging from .002 to .015. We manufacture this model to fit your existing fixturing.
The Model W - 6 is used for applications above .015 and can be adapted for specific needs. As in the W - 5, we will manufacture to your existing fixturing.
Wire Grips

W-6S Short Wire Grips

C - 6 Collet Cable/Wire Holder CX - 360 Inserts
Griffins standard Collet holders are designed for wire or cable ranging from .082 to .438 in diameter. Fixture for larger diameters are available as are fixtures for extreme temperature or corrosive environments.
We provide either serrated or SurfAlloy® inserts which are machined to the diameter of your wire or cable and provide a full 360 degree grip on wire or cable ranging in size from .188 to .750. All of these inserts are made for specific machine fixturing and are available for machines with capacities from 30,000 to 600,000 lbs.