Griff Grips have been the standard of excellence for most material testing applications for over 50 years. We believe you will find the same standard of excellence continues for all the parts we have supplied to our thousands of customers over the years and to the products.

Griffin Testing Products, inc. supplies over 1000 different grips and fixtures of the best quality, at the best price, to every domestic and international customer we service. Every laboratory, college, university, manufacturer, or government agency is treated with the same care and is given the same guarantee of performance on every grip or fixture we supply.

All of our products are not illustrated in this catalog and over 25 percent of the fixtures we make are for special applications and are designed by our staff for our customer's needs.

Each order is custom made per your specifications. Our serrated surfaces have tooth designs that are exceptionally strong and are customer and product specific. We use specific metals and surfaces for different applications and heat treat our products with our own processes to assure their extended use.

Mechanical Holders

Multiple lines of tensile testing grip holders are available in capacities ranging from 1,000 pounds to 120,000 pounds. Special requests for dimensional or load capacity changes are a standard feature at Griffin Testing Products, Inc.  

Special requests for dimensional or load capacity changes are a standard feature at Griffin Testing Products, Inc.  

Tension compression holders

Our tension compression holder series provides an inexpensive product that is characterized by superb durability, easy loading and excellent alignment properties.

EZ Dog Bone Alignment Holders

Griffin Testing Products, Inc. EZ specimen Holders are easy to load and maintain alignment throughout the test because the seat in the holder conforms precisely, within + or – 0.005, with the radius of the specimen.  Specimens will NOT slip out of alignment or bend backwards during a test because the specimen fits into a pocket with 0.010” clearance. They are hardened to 59-61 Rockwell C, and handle loads up to 70,000 psi.

Griffin Testing Products, Inc. also furnishes alignment tooling to match specified test load frames, including tension rods and locator blocks made to fit specifications for thread size and other requirements of your system.

EZ Holders designed for double shoulder specimens are available on special order. 

Pocket Dogbone Holders

Griffin Testing Products, Inc. produces special grips for customers who have dogbone specimens which require a “pocket” designed for a specific specimen size. These designs are especially effective for certain spring steels and composites.

Webbing Holders

Griffin Testing Products, Inc. has developed holders to test webbing samples up to 6” wide and ½” thick.  The holders range in capacity from 10,000 to 60,000 pounds and are supplied in several metals. Our design provides ease of access, changeable grip surface and superb reliability and alignment.

Fracture Mechanic Clevis Holders

Griffin Testing Products, Inc. has a full line of clevis grips manufactured to meet the requirements of ASTM E-339.  In addition to the regular line of grips, larger sizes, for special applications are available.

Fastener Holder Testers

Our bolt holders are widely recognized as the leading tool for ease of use and durability. Our standard products are made in sizes capable of testing bolts, ranging from 1/8” to 2” in diameter and with adapters we can accommodate bolts as short as ¾”.


Flat, angled and "T" washers are available in all sizes and materials.


Every type of replacement grip for all applications and all holders are or can be manufactured at Griffin Testing Products, Inc. We also provide the most extensive surface patterns and coatings available in the industry and provide inserts in the same variety of surfaces and materials.  

Special Application Grips

Griffin Testing Products, Inc. provides a complete line of special grips for testing paper, fabric, ceramics, composites, film and special alloys.  These grips range from Surfalloy® coated to smooth or cut surfaces made with high temperature stainless or other special metals. 

Liners and Retainers

At Griffin Testing Products, Inc. we place the same quality emphasis on our liners and retainers as we do in our other products. We use the same quality materials that are used in our grips and all parts are treated in the same manner.


We stock replacement pinions for most of the domestic and foreign manufactured machines and will also manufacture for your special requirements.

Tension Rods

Tension rods in many sizes, designs and materials are maintained in stock. A majority of our tension rods are manufactured for special design requirements.


Many of our customers find our refurbishing process to be an economical alternative to purchasing new fixtures or for developing backup fixtures for emergency situations. This can be very cost effective and expedient to your existing grips. Typically grips that appear to be at the end of their useful service life can be reconditioned and placed back into service for 65% of the original cost.

For the best price and quality, no matter what your needs may be for grips or fixtures, please call us before you buy. ASK OUR CUSTOMERS!

Griffin Testing Products, Inc., based in Westerville, Ohio with more than 50 years of experience in supplying grips and replacement fixtures for every tensile or compression testing machine manufactured.